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Create a game using images from the Hubble Space Telescope as integral components!

The Hubble's Challenges

The Hubble's Challenge is an interactive and educative game that uses the resources captured by the hubble telescope.


Why We Wanted This Challenge?

We wanted something different, the idea to develop a game was always on our minds an we saw an opportunity to challenge our selfs and take us to the limit. The game is based on the pictures captured by the hubble telescop and we made a story about those pictures and it wasn't easy to us because we didn't know the tools that we were using like unity and C# as the core lenguage of this game engine.


We ask ourselfs How we can teach young people to learn more about our universe?, and we came up with this idea.

Our project is a board game based app for the player to learn about the pictures captured by the Hubble telescope so he can apreciate the beauty of this celestial bodies and learn more about them and our universe while playing.

What's Next?

So because this is a demo of the game we only developed one challenge on "The Hubbles Challenges" our plan is to introduce new challenges throught time so there is a variety of puzzles and games to make the user experience fun and interactive with always in mind the learning.

Some of the challenges that we have in mind are:

  • An Arcade like minigame where the objtive is to arrive in to a random celestial body, if the player win then the information of the celestial body.
  • A "Duel Monster" card game with a peer to peer conection with another player in winch the "monster" will be the planets with the stats of them.

Resources Used:


  • Unity Game Engine for develop the game.
  • C# for the scripts in the game.
  • Visual Studio
  • Photoshop cc to creat some of the assets that we used.
  • Sketchup also for edit the charcaters that we used for the game intro.


Hubble Telescope images: Imágenes del Telescopio Hubble Space:


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