2018 Awards & Recognitions

The Space Apps universe produced 1,375 projects this year. Congratulations to our star solvers on their out-of-this-world work!

Check out our 2018 Global Finalists and Global Winners here.

Awards Overview

Global Nominees

These solutions are the boldest of the bunch. You can gaze at our former solution stars to prepare!

Award Categories

Best Use Of Data

The solution that best makes data accessible, or leverages it to a unique application.

Best Use Of Hardware

The solution that exemplifies the most innovative use of hardware.

Best Mission Concept

The solution with the most plausible solution concept and design.

Galactic Impact

The solution with the most potential to improve life on Earth or in the universe.

Most Inspirational

The solution that captures our hearts.

Best Use of Science

The solution that makes the best and most valid use of science and/or the scientific method.

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