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Integrate NASA Earth science data and citizen science data to learn more about the connections between human, animal, and environmental health.


Health Symptom and Local Weather Correlation Tracking App (College/Proffessional)


HealthShine will be an App and website that work together to allow people to input their health symptoms and compare them with those of other users. A map with toggle-able layers will display occurrences of symptoms as well as local weather data, including air quality data, heat index, and max and minimum temperatures. Our hope is that by correlating weather and symptoms, users will be able to predict their health based on weather predictions, hospitals will be able to stock up on appropriate supplies in preparation for specific types of outbreaks, and we will be able to better understand how weather affects acute health and wellness.

Our goal for the present is to allow for a small subset of symptoms and weather data to be tracked and displayed by county in Alabama. We hope to expand to include a greater area, more extensive weather information, a larger number of symptoms, and eventually the ability to provide likely diagnoses based on symptoms.


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