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Integrate NASA Earth science data and citizen science data to learn more about the connections between human, animal, and environmental health.

Health Factors

Health Factors is not a joke. All American people suffer from local abrupt temperature changes. Our research attempt can find the crucial dependencies between air regime features and life quality. Follow our advice and make your life comfortable!

Health Factors

Our research is an attempt to help people to make a choice when it is necessary to change a place of residence or visit some place with an extremely high temperature.

The applications of our project could be outlined in medicine – our research data may be used as a forecast tool for minimization of increased temperature impact on people’s health (e.g., mortality). Proper increase of the number of mobile resuscitation teams, medicaments, medical staff growth depend on the success of our research results. Future information services can also be based on our efforts and they will help meteorology-dependant people during incoming weather (temperature induced) changes.

Another application of our team’s work belongs to educational sphere. Our team members (and future followers) are enthusiasts, some of them are pupils who are fond of exact and environmental sciences.

The project involves big data management and use. It gives an opportunity to master tools, principles and methodology for big data researchers.

Visit our repository at GitHub and discover the Math of Health:

And, of course, nothing would be possible without NASA Earth science data. We used Daily Max Air Temperature values (for 10 North American States - separately for 5 Northern and 5 Southern ones) at

and Multiple cause of death (Detailed Mortality) data at

Our resources are not limited by NASA information. Solar H-alpha Flare Index (from NOAA data) is very useful, because space weather should be excluded from our analysis to keep clear health dependencies on air temperature. So, next two links were considered as a very important source for data series.


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