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Global Nominee

The Challenge | Looking GLOBE-ally

Analyze and/or display data to communicate interesting findings or improve public understanding of our home planet.

ISDApp: Bridging Fishermen to Information with Analog Phones

ISDApp is the first community app that aims to effectively communicate useful information to underprivileged fishermen without smartphones and internet.


Know more about ISDApp:

ISDApp High Level Architecture in AWS

ISDApp Write Up in Text Format

Technical Resources:


Infrastructure & SMS

Development Tool

UI design/prototyping

App Assets & Source Code

Material Resources:

Fishing across the globe:

Why Is Sustainable Seafood Good For… Developing Countries?

One Fish To Feed A Family

Facts & Figures: The Cold Hard Facts About Overfishing

Fish Farms to Produce Nearly Two Thirds of Global Food Fish Supply by 2030, Report Shows

Sustainable Fisheries And Aquaculture For Food Security And Nutrition

HIDDEN HARVEST The Global Contribution

World Fish Trade To Set New Records

Global state of cellphone users, mobile networks and internet connectivity:

List of Telcos Around the World

How Mobile Phones Are Changing The Developing World

Global State of Mobile Networks (August 2016)

The Last Places On Earth With NO Internet

List of Countries by Number of Internet Users

Internet in Africa Individuals Using the Internet (% of population)

Tropical Countries? Where?

List Of Tropical Countries - Tropical

Fishing Information: Fishing Methods

SST Charts - Choose Your Region

Best Time to Fish

Knowing Your Fishing Times

Traditional Fishing Communities Necessary in the Discussion

Traditional Fishing Communities

10 Top Fishing Weather Conditions

Understanding the Weather How Moon-Phases Affect Fishing

Dawn and Dusk the Key to Fishing Success

Best Tides Fishing Overcast vs Sunny: What to Throw

Surf Fishing at Sunset Sunrise

How Water Temperature and Oxygen Affect Fishing

Barometer Reading and Weather Tip

How to Read the Weather for the Best Fishing Times

How Water Temperature and Oxygen Affect Fishing

Climate Change and Marine Fisheries

Rising Sea Temperatures Will Hit Fisheries and Communities in Poor Countries the Hardest

Fishing in the Philippines: Filipino Fishing Techniques

Fishery Report: PH (Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission)

5 Filipino Marine Scientists Who Are Saving Our Seas

Marine Fishing: Philippines

Current Fishing State in the Philippines: Fisheries Situation Report: Jan-Dec 2017

Philippine Fisheries Dying

PH Implements Sustainable Fishing

Pinoys Want to Protect Seas but Don't Know How to

Deep Sea Fishing Development

Philippines Steps Up Assistance to Small Scale Fishermen

Cases of Missing Fishermen in the PH: Missing Fishermen in Gensan Remembered

71 Fishermen Rescued, 2 Dead in Tawi-Tawi due to Vinta

2 Pangasinan Fishermen Missing in West Philippine Sea

4 Pinoy Fishermen from Palawan Rescued Near Malaysian Island

Coast Guards Directs Safety Protocols for Fishermen


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