The Challenge | Looking GLOBE-ally

Analyze and/or display data to communicate interesting findings or improve public understanding of our home planet.


Web application that displays nitrate concentration and how you can make a change!


College/Professional Level



An app for environmental activists and concerned citizens to visualize locations of high nitrate concentration and allow them to know how to take action to change it and keep up with the nitrate situation in the US.

We came to this topic through the work of the Food Security Technology Inc's nitrate filtration technology.We hope through their green tech and the work of citizen science we can identify the scope and severity of nitrate pollution. Our web app, formatted for viewing on mobile, puts its users into the position of making the difference.

Technologies used: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, Pandas library, Google Maps API, GLOBE Data Tool, RSS

Lessons learned: Merge all the branches before the last minute. Practice your script, especially if you're using unfamiliar words. Reverse image search is a thing!


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