The Challenge | Spot That Fire!

Build a crowdsourcing tool for citizens to contribute to early detection, verification, tracking, visualization, and notification of wildfires.


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FIGHT FIRE offers the early detection of wildfire. When the fire occurs, FIGHT FIRE can help in the rescue mission (for EX... - It can route the best pathway for the rescue mission. -It detects the presence of human and animal inside the forest.)



Wildfire early detection device , If there is a device that can detect/find wildfire in it’s starting stage, then we can avoid disaster and save the environment

There are some parameters that will change when a wildfire starts, like humidity of soil and air. So if we have a device that can find the changes and inform the local authority, it will actually help to rescue out an extensive forest or vegetation land .

Our solution includes a sensor network and a web service, the sensor network will keep track of the changes in the forest environment and it will send these data to our servers. Server will analyse the selected environment parameters that is sent by the sensors and will predict the chances/occurrence of fire. And it will notify/alert the concerned contact points or authorities who are responsible to take action/rescue operations like forest and fire stations.


- Low powered long-range mesh network (LoRa WAN) is used to data transmission.

-Basically, The working is based on Artificial neural network.

- Our core investment on gateway of LoRa because node get damaged while wildfire occurs.

-Hardwere are costume my our self from fablab.

-Detect the presence of human and animals who trapped inside the forest.

-It can able to find a path for a rescue mission by utilizing the node.


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