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Global Nominee

The Challenge | Spot That Fire!

Build a crowdsourcing tool for citizens to contribute to early detection, verification, tracking, visualization, and notification of wildfires.


Our solution is an application that supports crowdsourcing, fire reporting and verification, notifying the stakeholders and visualizing essential data. We have a dedicated dashboard and endpoints exposed to the authorities to support rescue operations.



Our solution consists of an android application, a backend built in Node.js , a realtime database for quickly managing information (firebase) and a dashboard built using vue.js. The links to the github repositories are given , their README files contain more information such as images, implemented features etc.

Link to Android Source Code :

Link to Node,js Backend Code :

Link to Vue.js Dashboard :

Our applications follows the following pipeline :

  • User signs up to the application using mobile number and OTP verification.
  • Users data including geolocation information are stored hierarchically in a realtime database to support location based querying.
  • The user has an option to "REPORT FIRE" where he'll be allowed to choose the location where the wildfire occured, provisions to upload audio/video/image and text data containing essential informations.
  • User can also report for another person in trouble.
  • Post reporting, user is shown the list of nearest relief camps in a map and he can choose to contact / navigate to one of it.
  • User can contribute as chartity to the relief camps and the app will display the requirements at the relief camp.
  • We show a firemap which contains the locations which has an open wildfire status reported fromt the EONET API and from verified crowdsourcing information.
  • We have a dashboard which is a single page application built in vue.js which supports querying and verifying data. The dashboard is given to authorized personnels only who can support in rescue operations.
  • We are giving air quality information and remarks to the user when he opens the app so that he can take the precautionary measures.
  • Users who sign up to the application are automatically subscibed to a locality and will receive push notifications in the application when there is a wildfire information in a surrounding region.
  • Admins can add verified wild fire information and relief camps through the dashboard.

Currently Working On :

  • Machine learning for video and image analysis to verify wildfire.
  • Helping people who are offline and supporting people through SMS with another application.
  • Extending this application to use for any other disaster management.


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