The Challenge | Don’t Forget the Can Opener!

Create an easy-to-use way for people to develop their own, custom checklists – both items and plans – for specific kinds of disasters. Use NASA images, videos, or data visualizations to illustrate each disaster type, to help people understand how to prepare.


DisasterRED is a web applications that is intended to be an informational tool for users, allowing them to learn more about natural disasters and how to prepare for them, and what to do if they are caught within one.

In the end we built a functional web application that consists of multiple guides that work as intended. We have also laid the foundation for what would have been other uses of our application, though we were not able to implement them directly into our project.

We utilized resources from official NASA and government websites, especially to help compile all the information together and draw inspiration from.

Some challenges we faced were what we think is typical of groups. Our team only consisted of two people, and this was the first hackathon that we had ever participated in. We were unfortunately not able to fully implement all the things that we wanted to for our project, but we have learned a lot and have overall enjoyed our experience developing this project.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.