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The Challenge | Don’t Forget the Can Opener!

Create an easy-to-use way for people to develop their own, custom checklists – both items and plans – for specific kinds of disasters. Use NASA images, videos, or data visualizations to illustrate each disaster type, to help people understand how to prepare.

Disaster PREP

Disaster Prep is an app that aims to help users get prepared to face any natural calamity, ask for help in case of need and be ready before hand.

Blue Owls

Disaster Prep is an android application prepared keeping in mind the constant threat of disasters which occur in short span of time and pose danger to lives of millions.Though the government makes all possible advances to prevent loss of lives ,still an action plan at the end of the general public can go a long way.With the motto of "Be disaster aware ,take action to prepare" we present Disaster Prep.

Disaster Prep has the following features:

1. Near By : Near by hospitals,police stations and safe centers are now just a click away.

2.Helpline : List of all emergency contacts like the police station,ambulance,fire station.That too irrespective of the country you belong.

  • Wherever you maybe,in whichever country ,your emergency phone-book is available to you without any need of internet connection.

3.SOS alert : saves the name and contact of your near and dear ones and sends an alert with your location in case you are in allows to keep the last track of your whereabouts in case you are in impounding danger.

  • Also alert sound produced on clicking SOS button

4.My Plan : it allows you to make a list of most necessary items that can come handy in your escape plan at the time of an unexpected calamity.

  • 4 basic plus 6 customary items can be included
  • A weight exceeding 12 kilograms receives a warning

5.Weather Search Bar: Quickest weather updates can be obtained from the meteorological department of your respective country with the help of this search bar.

6.Disaster DO's and DONT's: Simple videos and information that can help you survive disasters.

  • We have specially used animated videos so that children can also be made aware and alert.

Note: Complete list of countries and firebase will be included in its upcoming version.

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2. Flash


5. Dust

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Developed on : Android studio

Designing using : Photoshop and Canva

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SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.