The Challenge | Mission to the Moon!

Use NASA Data to Plan a Rover Mission on the Moon!

Falcon to Moon

In this challenge our team has tried to create a path which could be used for cost efficient and short journey time by using falcon heavy vehicle Manufactured by SpaceX.

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Our Challenge basically was to design and create a flight plan to send a rover to the moon. For this purpose we took mission to explore the south pole of the moon. Idea for this mission came by looking at the Chandrayan-II mission. For this mission we have selected FALCON heavy vehicle by SpaceX (A private Organisation).

In this challenge we tried to use ISS for keeping shuttle in a orbit of earth till the accurate path is not available to moon Over here ISS could be used as Refueling or resting stop to save fuel. We used Falcon due its ability to reuse which saves the costing for next mission.

We haven't gave information about lander ore rover sufficiently due to lack of resource regarding them.


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