The Challenge | Mission to the Moon!

Use NASA Data to Plan a Rover Mission on the Moon!


In this mission we plan to send a rover to the moon, the location is selected through the astro-visualization and with the help of recent successful rover named as chang'e 3. we selected "MARE Serenitatis" As its location is best in terms of team research.


Our team read analyzed all the rovers launched till now. The resources taken were from site.

After studying the reports we choose the site for landing the rover.

With the help of jpl.moonkit, we scientifically tested the choosen sites. After the final testing and comparing rover requirements such as amount of heat or sun light needed, evaluation calculations and the distance travel by the rover. We finally selected "MARE SERENITATIS" from the list of 2387 locations. In doing so, moon trek helped us. So finally we come to a point where we have to land the lander and then we send it to the landing site. Where it will Travel to the Moon and deliver the Yutu rover to explore the lunar surface.


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