The Challenge | Polar Quest

Design a quest-like game to teach others about polar environments and how they are changing. Use NASA data to help adventurers plan their quest and present them with challenges along the way.

Frostbite Simulator 2K18

Frostbite Simulator 2K18 aims to represent the dangers and challenges about researching in Antarctica.

We are sophomores Case Western Reserve University who wanted to explore new methods of development. We decided to develop a game in C# using Unity, which none of us had had experience with. We created all of our own art assets and code, and within 36 hours were able to produce the foundations of a game. The main challenges in this project came from our lack of experience with C# or Unity, but we were able to work through a good amount of those.

By the end of the hackathon, we were able to create an environment with planned level design, player character, NPCs, buildings, and interactive world events with various effects, as well as a UI and a camera that follows the player. If given more time, would would plan on implementing a passage of time system to establish a progression system, which would have included a day/night cycle. We also would have liked more time to properly implement the sprite are that we created, as well as each of the world interactions that we had planned. Finally, we established the framework of, but did not fully enable, the primary scoring system and win/loss conditions

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