Awards & Nominations

SpArt has received the following awards and nominations. Way to go!

Global Nominee

The Challenge | Artify the Earth

Use NASA Earth imagery data to create 1) an art piece, or 2) a tool that allows the imagery to be manipulated to create unique pieces of art.


We create art with a program which analyzes the data from a NASA image and based on this data, a music track is composed. Inspired from the names,colors,the real sounds of planets,comets etc. as we would have imagined, with interactive capabilities.

  • Background : After a careful research about the challenges that the competition offers, we decided that the "Artify The Earth" challenge would be the area we would excel. Then the image sonification came up as an idea for an app. Therefore, we decided to work on an app that would do exactly that, but in the way we imagine. Sounds are mixed to form a music track that will represent the feeling that is created when imagining a planet, for example. Because of time constraints, we mainly focused on making the concept of the app.
  • Resources : We are using the NASA website to gather the images that are available in the gallery. For the music department, we used the Youtube, user-created soundbits and a synthesizer that recreates a sound, for example that of a bolt.


  • Challenges : The main challenge we faced was the production of the music track by mixing 3 different sounds: classical music, space music and a soundbit that is connected to someone or something, for example Bolt - Zeus. It took a couple of hours to create a harmonical music track. Another challenge we faced was the representation. What we mean is that, the app would not solve a problem, but provide a different, unique way to express art.

SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.