The Challenge | Artify the Earth

Use NASA Earth imagery data to create 1) an art piece, or 2) a tool that allows the imagery to be manipulated to create unique pieces of art.


Artmageddon is a project based on artist-fying the data present in NASA data sets. It attracts people who are interested in art and space both. It has a very simple UI with easy clicks and 1 can easily generate random images + Enhance and Apply 6 filters

Dark Titans

The project is based on a Versatile Vision, First images are taken with the help of NASA GIBS(GLOBAL IMAGERY BROWSE SERVICES) API, Then they are Filtered and Enhanced with the change in Sharpness,color and Contrast .A random image is selected then either filters are applied or images are enhanced. Another feature is Reverse image processing, deals with finding the data and processing the origins of the image.The image is converted into different Artistic forms with multiple Filters,the Merging of different images is also done on the background. The stills from the image is then converted into 6 filters.the art piece comprises of combined imaages and multipe filters

The final output


  • Limited type of data
  • Data base handling
  • Issues in deploying the project


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.