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NASA GIBS: What an amazing resource for incredible Earth observation and remote sensing data!

They've got a lot of great documentation and resources for developers too, even some great examples to get you started!

Go from zero to web map in a few minutes, with almost any geospatial tool or library you want to use!

oheroOrestis Herodotou
import WMTSCapabilities from 'ol/format/WMTSCapabilities.js';
import WMTS, {optionsFromCapabilities} from 'ol/source/WMTS';
// App
import {GIBS_CAPABILITIES_URL} from './constants';
// Define the WMTS Capabilities Parser
const parser = new WMTSCapabilities();
// Get Capabilities from GIBS
export const fetchGibsCapabilities = () =>
.then(response => response.text())
.then(text =>;
// Get a layer object by id/identifier of the layer from a capabilities list
export const getLayerById = (id, capabilities) =>
capabilities &&
capabilities.Contents.Layer.find(item => item.Identifier === id);
// Create a layer source from a layer and and capabilities
export const createWMTSsourceFromCapabilities = (layerId, capabilities) => {
// Create options from the capabilities list for the new current layer
const options = optionsFromCapabilities(capabilities, {
layer: layerId,
crossOrigin: 'anonymous',
wrapX: false
// Create a new source object using the options
const newSource = new WMTS(options);
// Get the dimensions for the source
const dimensions = newSource.getDimensions();
// Update the dimensions, because the URL expects {Time} not {time}
newSource.updateDimensions({Time: dimensions.time});
return newSource;
oheroOrestis Herodotou

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