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Team Updates

Chief Engineer's Log - Supplemental

Have been assigned to the 3D-Earthlings Team on the USS NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018.

Most of the team is young, but they're very bright. We've got people from all walks of life, Software Developers, Artists, Aspiring Mathematicians and more. Plenty of work to be done but we're all settling down to it.

With a 3D model of the Earth already in tow we've managed to make some massive leaps forward. Our connectors to the NASA Meteorite Landing data set is flowing smoothly with over 900 points of data at our disposal.

After some trial and error our data is being rendered to the 3D model. We have an issue with the Rendering Speeds, and will need to adjust the quantity but it should be solvable. Still plenty of work to do but it looks good.

We had a minor glitch when the Earth texture didn't actually map correctly to a 3D sphere, but some good thinking managed to prevent a meltdown.

We're going to give those larger teams a run for their money!

Chief Engineer, signing off.

Jonathon Martin

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