The Challenge | Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?

Create a tool to track international rocket launch information.

Launch'em: Stay spacedated!

Launch'em is a website which keeps every one updated about the latest rocket launches in this World. It's interface, being easy-to-use, will help the general people on the latest happenings on the various rocket stations and space agencies.

Launch'em all!!

When we first came across the challenges in this year's NASA Space Apps Challenge,


was that challenge which made us thought about why not create a tool, which would help people know about the latest rocket launches in an easy-to-go method. This was the thought because we ourselves didn't knew much about the rocket launch schedules and the various other functions of a rocket. It is important to know the various programs carried out by the World's Space Centers as they are helping the humankind to advance.

Rockets, when popped up as a topic of discussion is never given a serious thought as they are the ones which carry the satellite and the crew which are given importance. But without the development of the rocket and the advancement in space technologies, it would never have been possible to reach the place where we are here today. The increase in payload of rockets have taken care that heavy satellites are made to reach the various orbits, and this were the various reasons why took upon this project and started working on it because we wanted people to know about the thing which is of utter importance to them.

But, to complete a challenge we need to overcome various challenges. One major Challenge was to collect the data. The rocket launch data is so huge that we can mine into usable resources and find them out. And because of less time, we have not covered over all the rockets, but the important ones are here and others will be updated with little time

We in this website have shown the major countries in the space, their upcoming rocket launch schedule, the major space agencies and the major space ports on the Earth. The project has been made with HTML and CSS and some Javascript. The submitted project is what we may call the base of the website and it needs various changes and updates. But, the team has tried to put the website with much efforts as it was the first time but that cannot be an excuse. Also, the website after some time will be made as one would love to see.

The website can be viewed here:

The Website would not be complete without these various resources which have been used by the team:

1. NASA website and the Space apps Challenge was also a useful resource as it made us work on this and also our skills.

2.Google- it never betrays us.

3. w3schools- without it, there would literally be no website as it made us learn the concepts of HTML, CSS and Javascript.


5. The various handles of National Space Agencies and Organisations.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.