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The Challenge | Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?

Create a tool to track international rocket launch information.


Cloud10 is a data management platform that aggregates, visualizes and interprets space data, making it accessible, understandable and applicable for aspiring astropreneurs.

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Space Data is everywhere. Roughly 24 petabytes of space data is generated yearly, which is close to 700 million bytes every second. Most of this data is made open to the public by agencies like NASA and companies like SpaceX, but most of it is put to waste due to two main problems.

Firstly, most amounts of space data is wasted because of its inaccessibility - space data on the web though present, is hard to find. Secondly, space data that is released (often raw) is undecipherable and hard to understand for many, which in turn affects its application for businesses.

These two problems would affect many space enthusiasts and aspiring astropreneurs, both of whom would benefit greatly from the accessibility and comprehensibility of space data and have the potential to transform the space industry if they can make use of space data.


Thus introducing Cloud10, a cloud platform that aggregates and visualises space data, before making it accessible, understandable, and applicable for all.

How does Cloud10 do so? Firstly, it collects data using web bots to trawl the Internet for open source data about space, such as those released regularly by NASA and companies like SpaceX, effectively creating a one-stop shop for any data you might require. The data collected includes that relating to launches, flights, and satellites. Users themselves can also input data collected on the platform, which could benefit space startups with nascent software.

Afterwards, Cloud10 then converts this data into understandable representations via GRAPHVIS, an intelligent proprietary graphing system that we programmed. It categorizes the data by type and quantity, before applying, sorting, and representing the data in a comprehensible manner.

Lastly, Cloud10 machine learning algorithms further interpret the data sets, thereby offering useful insights and information for users, such as the best spots to view rocket launches for space enthusiasts or even the appropriate payload to mass ratio.

Overall,Cloud 10 offers space enthusiasts and aspiring astropreneurs alike a seamless platform to access, understand, appreciate, and apply the huge amounts of data out there, and in so doing experience the boundless possibilities of outer space and marvel at the beauty that lies ahead. Aspiring astropreneurs will be able to apply these valuable data to create revolutionary solutions to transform the space industry too.


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Cloud10 is made up of four 15 year old teenagers who are extremely passionate about space. We come from different backgrounds and have diverse skill sets, ranging from programming to designing. We chose to pursue this topic because it was a problem we ourselves faced over the course of the hackathon. After validation from interviews with other participants and mentors, we decided to focus on this issue, because the accessibility and comprehensibility of space data is what other solutions in this industry is hinged upon.

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