The Challenge | Make Sense Out of Mars

Develop a sensor to be used by humans on Mars.


Envision is a set of sensors that observes marsquakes in order to make sense of Mars’ environment and ensure the safety of our astronauts.


Envision is a scientific payload mission to Mars that will observe geological activity and more importantly allow further understanding for marsquakes. Since there is further research to be done on marsquakes, the payload will assist with mapping out areas that can be the best suited for farming and living conditions. Envision serves as a complimentary mission with InSight that will allow for further accurate weather conditions on Mars as well as predict future marsquakes and find their exact location. This allows scientists to better understand the marquakes origins and the areas that can be best avoided.

The payload consists of a sensor instrument package capable of housing, but not limited to an accelerometer, spectrometer, barometer, wind sensor, light sensors, thermistor, moisture and ph sensor. Each of these components serve an important purpose, from analyzing the atmosphere during deployment to understanding the moisture levels and most importantly comprehending the impact of seismic activity on Mars and their interaction with astronauts.

The payload will be paired with a computer webpage which will allow users to view the Mars environment and better understand the conditions in which astronauts will live in. The purpose for this webpage is not only to educate the public on marsquakes and the weather conditions of Mars, but to also allow astronaut’s loved ones to monitor them as if they never left home. Envision connects the public to science, allowing all who use the website to see the far away from home.


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