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Design an autonomous free-flyer to inspect a spacecraft for damage from Micro-Meteoroid and Orbital Debris (MMOD).


SpaceBees is a autonomous drones system wich objetive is to detect and repair damage of MMOD's in surface's spacecrafts.

The project is inspired in the social structure of a hive of bees. It is composed of three parts. First, the CPU "abeja reina" has the function of synchronize, control and process all of the drones and station routines. Second, the drone's station module "colmena", it's destined to store and charge the drones. Finally, we designed two types of free-flyer, one of them will detect the damage and the other one will repair it.. In addition, both types there are a swarm of them in order to improve the time detection, weight or risk of breakdown. For more information, we include some documents of the project.



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