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To The Stars

Journey To The Stars is an educational short game designed to demonstrate to younger children the fundamental pieces of space flight.

Lazy Sunday Studios

Who are Lazy Sunday Studios?

  • Patrick Phillips
  • Leon Kennedy

Project Concept

To The Stars is a short and simple game designed for younger audiences to learn the fundamental concepts of space flight. Namely, that pesky problem of getting to space in the first place!

The fundamentals of space flight can be summed up into three ideas.

  • Gravity - the force that pulls us all down to the center of the planet. It is what keeps the atmosphere, oceans and us on the planet. Sadly, its also a force that must be overcome if we are to journey to the stars.
  • Thrust - The force generated by the rocket motors that push us into the sky! This force costs mass in the form of fuel that needs to be spent in order to get to the stars. The pilots will have to balance their throttle if they wish to get beyond Earth's atmosphere.
  • Trajectory - Orbiting is much more than just going around the planet. You're actually falling faster than the planet moves! The pilots will have to control the angle of their craft correctly and on the correct trajectory if they wish to achieve orbit.

SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.