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Gamunkul will help to figure it out if the condition of environment is optional for activities of farming etc

Kraken's Nachos

so our task was to create a tool which will help farmers and geologists in their daily life, participating in "Can you build a... " & "Help the others discover the world" categories and using NASA's "Earthdata Search" data.

This tool will collect information about local soil's temperature , humidity, weather and using NASA's data for local places it will suggest the user the information he/she needs, either it's connected with farming either with black oil or gold researching.

Our tool is filled with sensors that is required for those tasks that we already told. This version is only "Alpha" version, we had some problems with hardware. Some of sensors were just broke.
We are using Raspberry Pi as the "Brain" for Gamnukul. Scripts were written in Python.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.