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Encyclopedia of Cosmic Science - FlightstarPedia

A platform about Encyclopedia Cosmic Science (FlightstarPedia) for educational cosmic science and basic science research.

Flight Star

Encyclopedia of Cosmic Science (FlightstarPedia) is a platform about Cosmic Science and basic science research for expert, master, doctorate, student and people discuss together about everything in science. I implemented something and an ecosystem of platform the following:

  • Map of biotechnology about gene, environment, population, pollutant, medicine and pharmacy.
  • A new energy map for coal, oil and gas, shale, tight gas, biomass, geothermal, photovoltaic solar, wind, Waterborne transport, electricity from natural, infrastructure,...
  • A global Map.
  • Documentation encyclopedia of the universe.
  • Compiler of tools of biostatistical, chemistry, computation, simulate on the browser to support space science research and basic research.
  • Vehicle Assembly.
  • Space Patent Search Engine.
  • Robotics Flightstar Platform.
  • Machine Learning Flightstar Platform.
  • Open Processor Flightstar Platform.
  • Open Hardware Flightstar Platform.
  • Hardware Description Language Cloud.
  • Drones Platform Flightstar.
  • Cloud GIS Flightstar.
  • Cloud Database of Everything.

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