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Vertical Landing Of Fixed Wing Drone( For Transportation)

Vertical Landing Of Fixed Wing Drones Allows It To Land On Any Roof Of Home,For Fast Delivery of medicine .

We focus on vertical landing of a fixed wing drone , since fixed wing drones are not capable of vertical landing. thus we need to modify it . so that we can able to do vertical landing .

Why we choose fixed wing drone over quad copter for transportation?

1.Because fixed wing drone has HIGH ENDURANCE thus it can travel MAXIMUM DISTANCE .

2.Because fixed wing drone can travel at HIGH SPEED ,thus it can DELIVER FAST specially in MEDICAL SERVICE .

3.Because fixed wing drone consume LESSER FUEL than quad copter.thus the weight of these type of drone is less.

4.Because fixed wing drone has HIGH weight CARRYING capacity ,thus it can deliver more heavier items.

What is need to do vertical landing of fixed wing drone?

Since most of land mass on earth is occupied by humans ,like wise in India if we want to deliver a medical kit in densely populated city like NEW DELHI .then i would consider quad copter but problem with quad copter is they are very slow and consume more power and it will be the worst in case of emergency organ delivery .in thise case organ delivery can not happen .here we can use fixed wing drone but problem with fixed wing drone is they can not land on roof top of a home (target area).

Here we can do some changes and make it able to vertical landing(fixed wing drone).


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