The Challenge | The Land Where Displaced People Settle

Characterize land cover/land use at informal settlements of displaced populations using NASA satellite datasets.


We are looking to integrate data from satellites to coordinate with crisis intervention work from UN and Red Cross so they can achieve better integration of settlers to their host communities


Short human migrations happen under different reasons. Around the
world countries in crisis, caused for a variety of reasons experience population displacement and need fast adaptation to prepare for the new inhabitants so instead of many of them becoming a burden they integrate to society. People need places to live in an orderly manner, with safety and basic needs satisfied able to work either on their previous profession, offering some kind of service or new jobs. People leaving regions in crisis end up living in informal settlements or poor neighborhoods in harsh conditions. Most of the times the areas where they will move are known or predictable, and areas can be
prepared for migrants when the circumstances require it. We believe
that people better integrated to society can fulfill a more constructive role in their host location.

The questions
 Can we predict based on previous experiences how population does the
migration process and where they settle?

 Can we direct migrant populations to available areas in need of
population and apply a settlement plan to make the transition more
organized and less traumatic for both, migrants and host populations?

 Is there a more efficient response to cover migrants’ basic needs
and integrate the migrants to the community and economy so they can
become full members of society either by building towns or integrating
into the cities as an alternative to isolated communities known as

On Earth, we can study migrations to be able to identify one, and then have the control of localization of populations, understand what changes this bring to environment, and providing humanitarian aid.
Using satelite pictures, we can implement deep learning technology to predict patterns of informal settlements. The concept of island biogeography coupled with deep learning technology can serve as an effective tool for predicting the expansion of informal occupations
and providing humanitarian aid.

How we can use this project as a tool to plan territorial occupation
out of Earth

This idea can help us to plan territorial occupation out of Earth, like on Mars after terraforming. In this specifically case, environmental conditions can be a reason for human migration. So we
can prevent and plan human migrations out of Earth.


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