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Happy-Air is a quiet multi-functional machine that cleans your air, but also clears it of all potential triggers for an allergy attack. This product is for people who are sensitive or have an allergy to Airborne disease, such as Asthma. It is all natural.


In the past, many products have been made, but none of them do the things that the Happy-Air will do. For example, the air filter is a way of keeping your air healthy inside your house. The Happy-Air has not overlooked people who need an air filter that helps them too. The Happy-Air gets rid of particles in the air that trigger airborne allergies to come up and it collects it.

We are trying to fix the problem of inhalers, pollen in the air, and the air’s overall health. Inhalers are a problem because they are non-recyclable, a nuisance to have to pump into your mouth, and they release chemicals into your body, which at that moment may be good, but in the long run it may be bad for your body. Pollen in the air is bad because even if people have medication for their allergy, they will still have to go through the same suffering envy single day that the pollen in the air. By using the Happy-Air, they won't have to go through the same thing each day. The air's overall health is partly affected by pollen, and harmful chemicals. By not even realising it, creating these things will harm our air and create problems in the future and by simply using the Happy-Air, we could save ourselves time and money.

The Happy-Air is for people who suffer from airborne allergies, such as Hay-fever or Asthma. Sometimes these people are overlooked, and this is bad because one in twelve people have asthma alone, and in total that makes up around 8% of the population, which is actually a huge number of people who are not being recognised and the Happy-Air is a way of fixing that.

The challenges that we faced were how we could be able to make such a product, because even though it is a decent idea it is a very hard idea to assemble.

This was some of the code we used/made:

Attempt1 = ""
while Attempt1 != "/exit":
print "How bad is the pollution on a scale of one to ten?"
Attempt1 = raw_input ("One being good and ten being bad")
if Attempt1 == "1":
print "good"
elif Attempt1 == "2":
print "good"
elif Attempt1 == "3":
print "It is o.k."
elif Attempt1 == "4":
print "You have to be careful"
elif Attempt1 == "5":
print "Starting machine"
elif Attempt1 == "6":
print "Starting machine"
elif Attempt1 == "7":
print "Starting machine"
elif Attempt1 == "8":
print "Starting machine"
elif Attempt1 == "9":
print "Starting machine"
elif Attempt1 == "10":
print "Starting machine. This is really bad."

We made this in python and the computer would be entering how bad the pollution is.


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