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Water Bit

We developed a platform that allows people and governments to know which areas are flooded in real time and which are to be flooded to improve the quality of life, prevent deaths and improve rescue conditions.

Water Bit


How it works

The platform in its web version, as well as mobile, consume data from various weather information providers (the weather undergorund, IBM wheater, etc), and stores information provided by the user (photos, comments, notations, etc).

We mix all these weather information, the one collected from the users, the DEM data (digital elavation model) and the location in real time from the application (the acceptance of the user in the application gives us the necessary geographic information). All the information, query from apis and data intake, are processed by an algorithm that through machine learning centralizes and processes the data, generating patterns that help the prediction of possible areas affected by the floods, informing users by a notification or warning that they are within the geographical radius affected.

The platform also provides a report in real time to the government entities with information and statistics to see the development of the flood. And can access into an index in which the historical data of all the flooded areas can be downloaded. With these information they can send help to the affected areas and get knowledge to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Information inputs

  • Slope of the terrain: DEM models (Digital elevation models)
  • Composition of the terrain (trees, size of the city): optical satellite images
  • Flow of rivers: Physical sensors, historical data
  • Reservoirs of water, basins: historical maps
  • Historical information: IBM The Weather Company and Weather Underground
  • Real-time information: IBM The Weather Company and Weather Underground
  • Real-time information of people: Geolocation of registered people
  • Public information of social networks


For the users:
  • Alerts to users
    • Before
    • During the storm
  • Indication of safe areas to go to
  • Recommendations on how to take care of yourself
  • Information about if the area near your house is going to flood
For the Goberment:
  • Dashboard with all the information
  • Alerts in real time
    • Accelerate the emergency process
  • Provide recommendations
    • Ex: Increase water reservoirs
  • Historical information


  • The Weather Company API
  • The Weather Underground
  • IBM Watson

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