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Local Peoples' Choice Winner

The Challenge | Spot That Fire!

Build a crowdsourcing tool for citizens to contribute to early detection, verification, tracking, visualization, and notification of wildfires.


Spotifyre is an iOS app to report wildfires with crowdsourcing

Spotifyre is an iOS app that takes advantage of crowdsourcing to track wildfires. A live map of recently reported wildfires and simple design for reporting fires make this app an essential resource for populations affected by wildfires and other natural disasters.

Key Features

  • Live map of reported wildfires
  • One-click fire reporting
  • Report fires by texting
  • User login/signup with email verification
  • User login not required for reporting fires, but recommended

Future Enhancements

  • Overlay historical wildfire data
  • Provide wildfire report details within map
  • Integrate weather data
  • Provide predictions on wildfire trajectory and intensity
  • Create alerts for saved locations (for users with accounts)
  • Users with accounts benefit from enhanced/personalized features
  • Expand app for other natural disasters (tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, etc)
  • Implement app for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)

Live Map: A live map displaying reported wildfires that is centered on the user’s current position is the initial view after launching the app. An intuitive “Report FIRE” button provides a simple and rapid fire reporting method for users.

Account Creation: Sign In button on the bottom left of the map view directs the user to the signup/sign in view.

Account Verification: Once a user creates an account, a verification email is sent to them. Wildfires reported from verified accounts have an additional level of trust.

Reporting a wildfire: A user can report a wildfire whether they have created an account or not. A confirmation banner is displayed after successfully reporting a fire.

Reporting a wildfire by texting: If a user does not have the Spotifyre app downloaded on their mobile device, they can still report a fire by texting their location to 440-276-3117 (give a try!).

Map Zooming: The map can be zoomed in/out using the +/- buttons on the top left of the map view.

App Development Information:

iOS (UX/UI): Swift/XCode

Backend: Python

Platform: Heroku (Cloud-based Platform as a Service ‘PaaS’)

Texting Platform: Twilio

Databases: PostgreSQL (fire information) and Google Firebase (User authentication)

Open-Access Code:

Team Members:

From left: Immanuel George, Nick Vladimiroff, Juan Ortiz, Nam Do

From left: Mariela Andrade, Gaëlle Müller-Greven, Juan Ortiz, Immanuel George, Nick Vladimiroff


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