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Global Nominee

The Challenge | Spot That Fire!

Build a crowdsourcing tool for citizens to contribute to early detection, verification, tracking, visualization, and notification of wildfires.

Wildfire, Spot that fire!

A crowdsourcing based app to share risks of fire and fires in real-time, sharing this data with all connected users. Besides, the app get weather information and fire reports to warn the users about the possible risks of fire in their area.​



Over the past year, we have witnessed long and arduous battles against record-breaking wildfires across the world. Some of these fires burned thousands of acres of land and destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings. Additionally, smoke from the fire creates issues related to poor air quality, raising health concerns for people not just in the vicinity of the fire, but at distances hundreds of miles away.

With this in mind, we present the solution: Wildfire!

Wildfire is a crowdsourcing based app to share fire risks and fires in real-time, sharing this data with all users. Besides this, the app get weather information and fire reports to warn the users about the possible risks of fire in their area.


+ 1,3M fires

+ 3,000 deaths

+ 15000 injuries

+ US$14 billion loss

(U.S. Fire Administration 2015 data)


  • Report different types of incidents (Fire, Risk of Fire, Others)
  • Predictive warning - Be warned about the risk of fire in your area, based on:
    • Historical incidents
    • Temperature
    • Wind speed
  • Report incidents directly from your camera or gallery
  • Be informed about the incidents reported in your area, from:
    • NASA
    • 911
    • Other users

The map of reported incidents is also available on a web platform.


Getting and correlating data from:

  • NASA (FIRMS - Fire Information for Resource Management System)
    • Getting updated fire locations every 3 hours
    • We used a dataset of +300,000 data in the last 7 days
  • San Fancisco Emergency Calls
    • We used a dataset of +900 calls of fire emergency for this month (Oct/2018)
  • Wildfire
    • Real-time shared data based on crowdsourcing
  • OpenWeatherMap - real-time and historical data of
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Wind Speed


  • Firefighters warned faster, reducing the damage
  • Avoid wildfire spreading to large areas, decreasing environmental impact
  • Extinguish the fire quickly, reducing the number of affected people


  • Get data from other data sources: emergency calls, organizations...
  • Improve the predictive model for a bigger range of forecast
  • Dashboard for the authorities tracking the incidents
  • SMS notification for people in risk areas
  • Chatbot for campaigns and to answer questions
  • Use the accelerometer and GPS to identify if people in risk area are moving out of the area
  • Link to Facebook to use theI’m safe” feature
  • Future use for other incidents like tsunamis, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, landslide...


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.