The Challenge | Spot That Fire!

Build a crowdsourcing tool for citizens to contribute to early detection, verification, tracking, visualization, and notification of wildfires.


Pyrot is a fire detection service that will help the general public survive in an emergency. Many people die before any fire response personel can reach them. So we help the people save themselves before it is too late.


The challenge we chose is "Spot that fire".

The problem

The problem is that in recent years wildfires are becoming more frequent due to the rising temperatures. There are over 100,000 wildfires per year resulting in 340,000 deaths. In the Greece wild fires, 67 year old Maria watched as people ran in different directions to escape the fire. Some ran into the fire losing their lives and some jumped off cliffs hoping that it would be safer in the ocean. Maria survived but lost her home and family in the fires. We want to prevent this from happening again.


Our solution is to create an app to analyse high-risk areas, predict where fires could occur so people can escape from the area with best evacuation route. It saves time, saves lives and gives everyone the instant information they need to survive. We will include AI which will be able to detect whether the image of the fire people upload is real or not and to predict where it will go next.


We will use cutting edge AI technology to analyse images of fires in order to judge the risk they pose. We will collect data from Twitter which will tell us the whereabouts of the fire. This gives us the ability to use clustering to track the fire on its route and therefore give potential victims a fast way out. We also use artificial intelligence to predict where the fire will go to based on the wind speed and direction along with a variety of other factors.

Business Model

We plan on partnering with charities and governments in order to generate revenue to take this project further. This tool is invaluable and has the potential to save lives, this makes our system a necessity to fire-prone regions.


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