The Challenge | Don’t Forget the Can Opener!

Create an easy-to-use way for people to develop their own, custom checklists – both items and plans – for specific kinds of disasters. Use NASA images, videos, or data visualizations to illustrate each disaster type, to help people understand how to prepare.

SEEPS: Severe Emergency Event Preparation System

SEEPS is a mobile application that helps people prepare their best for the worst. SEEPS does this by informing, helping and guiding people to create and customize a disaster preparation checklist.


The SEEPS is an app with a simple, easy to use design to simplify the daunting process of disaster preparation. The prototype app we designed focused on hurricanes. A full developed app would include many types of natural disasters. The app is designed to work with two major hurricane scenarios in mind. The app modifies itself to adapt to the needs of a person in the path of an approaching storm, as well as the needs of person preparing for the possibility of a storm. The preparation list is then filtered based on simple questions filled out by the user. The checklist is then further organized by importance and time sensitivity.

Proposed and Ideal Features of "Completed" App

The final app would automatically use the phone's location. This location would be used in conjunction with an automatic syncing to weather alerts and databases. If the person selects that a storm is approaching, the app would sync to the storm and filter the list based on how close and severe the storm is projected to be.

This is our Google Slides presentation.

The Checklist for Hurricanes


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