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Global Nominee

The Challenge | Virtual Space Exploration

Generate Virtual Reality environments for the surface of the Moon and Mars! Obtain 3D models from NASA resources, such as Moon Trek and Mars Trek. Integrate 3D models of surface exploration systems and habitats. Develop and deploy the virtual world at a hosting service.


A mixed-reality trip to the moon


In the proposed project,we simulated the Apollo 11 mission. For the implementation of the project, we used Microsoft HoloLens a mixed-reality tool. We chose it, because it offers a high-level of interaction between the user and the holograms. The experience consists of three scenes. In the first scene, the launching of the Saturn V rocket from Kennedy Space Center is visualized. Following, we can see the moon landing of the Eagle lunar module. Finally, on the last and most interactive scene the user is portraying Neil Armstrong and he can move around the Apollo 11 landing site and collect rocks like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin did during their visit. The user can also place the American flag on the moon and get information about the scientific
equipment they carried with them, as well as for the memorabilia they left behind. We expect the ApolloX project to be used as an educational tool in order to teach and inspire future generations. Also, keeping in mind that NASA declared the Apollo 11 landing site off-limits for every future exploration, we aim in creating a "Virtual Extraterrestrial Museum", in order to allow people to familiarize themselves with landmarks that are a part of human history but are unreachable for the general public.To conclude, with the use of innovative technology we created an interactive and complete tool, offering the opportunity for everyone to experience first-hand the important moments of human history. For the creation of the simulation, 3D models from NASA database were used and Unity platform was used.

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SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.