The Challenge | On the Shoulders of Giants

Create a game using images from the Hubble Space Telescope as integral components!

Found in Space

"Found in Space" is a physics-based game where you navigate through the gravitational fields of stars photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope. Learn about physics, NASA’s history and future, and the space phenomena photographed by Hubble along the way.

Found in Space

When we were children, it was very common to be fascinated by the universe, dream of being an astronaut, and even landing on the moon. But we grow up and leave behind our curiosity for what is outside our planet stored inside us.

To awaken again this desire to discover we worked on the “On The Shoulder of the Giants” challenge and developed Found in Space: a game for smartphones that brings the whole universe to your fingertips.

In the game, your objective is traveling in space and fixing the Hubble Space Telescope, recovering some of its lost pictures. Collecting pictures photographed by the telescope, the player embarks in a space adventure, discovering as well some of NASA’s historic and currently in-development spacecrafts.

During the adventure, the player also learns in practice some concepts of physics: gravitational fields, acceleration, and velocity are parts of the journey. This way, the learning of these subjects during one’s academic life becomes much easier.

The stages in the game are a built directly from pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Once you complete a stage by reaching HST and fixing it, you unlock pictures taken by it for your gallery, including the original image that was used for the stage you just played. That way, we provide a fun and exciting way to explore the various photographs taken by the telescope and learn from them.

This was our team first time participating in a hackathon, and it was tough, but we are very proud of what we've accomplished.

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