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The Challenge | Space Apps: The Documentary

Create a short documentary to capture the essence of NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge.

Good country Solutions

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Space apps challenge is the wisdom of the crowds in order to create a good country solution in the universe

Good Country Solutions

Nasa space apps Challenge have hidden heroes were push earth and space knowledge forward.

Nowadays we do need to understand that humanity can find solutions to human problems in earth and space only by collaborating.

Collective intelligence refers to the capability of a group to collaborate in order to achieve goals that an individual, even the most gifted, would not be able to accomplish alone.

If countries and people work together then can start to make real progress against the grand challenges of earth space technology .

By collaborating more countries can achieve more growth peace and stability.

For instance Open Innovation is one of the important components, where all stakeholders need to be involved in a Quadruple Helix Innovation-type model; this is where academia, universities, industry, government and citizens collaborating together in order to drive structural changes beyond the scope of any one organization can achieve on its own (Open Innovation 2.0 oi2 2013).

Space apps challenge is a combination of collective intelligence through open innovation system where push knowledge very high in the universe.



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SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.