The Challenge | Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?

Create a tool to track international rocket launch information.

Webllication v.2

Our project boosts who have an interest in space news especially rockets launching with positions and countdown timers. The project includes an application and a website that can determine the place, time and factors that affect process of launching.

Webllication v.2

Our team built a website and an application which provides the information about launching rockets, the factors that affect the launching, and the main characteristics using NASA's data. we tried to represent all of these data in a simple way to the users so we decided to create a website linked to an application. We created features to show the countdown timer of the rockets, their launching position, the cost of the launching , and pay-load before and after the launching, and their dimensions. we have created an application to make it easier for the phone users to reach our data easily with no bugging and avoiding the timeout errors that caused by a long time that the website needs to respond. finally, we created the application using Android Studio ( XML - Java ). we used NASA's data to collect the information about rockets and understanding the factors affect its launching. we used extra websites to take examples or rockets from different countries.

The Website link:

if you want to have a look on the code of the application, please click on this link.
if you want to try the application please contact me at and i will upload it in APK form.


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