The Challenge | Make Sense Out of Mars

Develop a sensor to be used by humans on Mars.

S-Mars I.M.A

We created a Multi-Sensor Smart Skin to be allowing to work together with an Interactive Martian Assistant (I.M.A) to be used by humans on Mars, in order to solve real time connection and provide concrete solutions to possible problems during their mission

S-mars EVA

A head mounted display with augmented reality connected with and undershirt capable of collect data and give responses and advices on real time. Working with a library that supports all the data necessary to be able to act in emergencies or when the latency between station is high.

We solving by a unity network multiplayer, to create an experience similar to what could happen on Mars.

We are 2nd year students of Msc. Design and Engineer in Politecnico di Milano.

Team members:

Jesus Marini, Mechatronic Engineer

Pinar Sencandan, Textile Engineer

Carlos Mancha, Industrial Designer

Fabrizio De Lucia, Design and Communication


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