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Global Nominee

The Challenge | Make Sense Out of Mars

Develop a sensor to be used by humans on Mars.

Mars Bar

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Mars Bar is a device integrated into the suit worn during surface missions on Mars, providing information on the status of various parameters impacting the safety of the wearer.

Mars Bar

The Mars Bar displays vital information to the astronaut and records data on the Martian environment. Home, Me, Mars, are the three parts of our display showing a path to base, suit function and Martian hazards. The direction and distance to base and the rover will be crucial if an astronaut is lost, such as during a storm. Radiation is also a key concern for Mars astronauts, and the Mars bar warns of dangerous levels in the environment, and monitors accumulative levels of exposure. Storm and solar flare warnings will also be incorporated, signalling to an astronaut of impending danger, giving them time to take shelter.

The design is based on that of a car dashboard, with simple tri colour LEDs to signal good conditions with green, possible danger with orange, and immediate action with red. Complex LCD displays and electronics were avoided due to the cold conditions on the planet.

This device can also be used in dangerous situations on Earth, such as Arctic researchers, miners, military and explorers. Where sensors could be customized for each scenario, such as gas levels, daylight left, and chance of rain.


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