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Building innovative remedies for strong diseases like cancer. A remedy is PILLancer.




According to the American Cancer Society in its annual report, announced that every day 20,000 people died of cancer every year or about 7.6 million deaths. Cancer is a plague of our time. If we could kill only the cancerous cells permitting healthy bordering cells surviving perhaps we could solve a burning issue.


In nature spider uses her cobweb to trap her enemies in order that she stays alive.
Based on that mechanism, we are aiming to create innovative remedies against the cancer, just like PILLancer.
By developing a pill which travels via peptic tract, it detects and traps neoplasmatic cells and like the spider's mechanism encircles her victims.
So that, PILLacer prevents perfusion and provokeshypoxia in this region, which results to tumorous cells' necrosis.

After their necrosis, they can be phagocytosed from blood cells

( neutrophils, macrophages ), which will have re-entered in the region

and is now free of cancer cells.



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