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Microdoze - Autonomous Medical Data Insights

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Microdoze is aimed at automating medical insights to be able to increase the independence of astronauts.


The Bio-Monitor provides an exciting array of data to monitor human physiology. Our team first integrated the different data generated through the Bio-Monitor. We then created an algorithm to classify data into groups. This grouped data is then monitored to find contextual anomalies. We used medical literature to understand what constituted a a departure from baseline for each biostatistic. We designed an app that will notify the astronaut when their vitals are departing from baseline. We have developed scenario cases - first ensuring that there is an adverse event happening, and then actions they can take to mitigate the event. For events we determine they can not easily mitigate, we then send a signal to a patch that can be integrated into the Bio-Monitor that will automatically administer medication.


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