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Conquering Mars

Conquering Mars with the best utilization of energy to support Data Collection on this mysterious planet


As a Team , we had always been excited about planets and how we could possibly 'conquer' them in the near future.

When thinking about landing a mission into Mars, many problems might arise.

We have reviewed a lot of parameterers in order to come up with the most efficient & energy-saving solution

when it comes to observing the huge planet of Mars.

We should consider that scientists are not sure if we could ever succeed in settling, on this particular planet.

So in order to collect a vast amount of data we deem that, it would be smart to organise a space mission , where minimum energy and fuel would be used

We could Use the Orbit of a Comet to reach our destination without even spending huge amount of fuel !

We ought to inform you that this method has been tested and it has been proved to be feasible!.

In addition to this , the right comet should be chosen after revewing its orbit . But The Idea behind this whole project is to collect data about the dust storms and anomalies that may occur during a possible landing in the future, after of course the spacecraft has landed succesfully on Mars Surface . Here is a list of what kind of intel the spacecraft might collect.

1) Dust Storms , Loose Sand , Wind Gusts & Large Rocks Frequency on Occuring

2) Thermal Anomalies Detection

3) Magnetic Frequency

4) Seismograph which will help us by detecting magma movements on the planet .

5) Assist of Cameras e.x Thermos

We thought that this spacecraft that hypothetically could be sent on Mars, could actually become a small point of interest on this planet & at the same time a station that collects intel constantly and calculating the possibility of maybe visiting the planet again in the future after monitoring its many different states and difficulties that might arise.


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