Space Apps Thessaloniki was held on October 19th, 20th & 21st. Thank you to the 76 people who joined the International Space Apps Challenge at this location. The local results, including the work of 8 teams, can be found below!
Thanks Thessaloniki!

The GREEK NEWSPACE SOCIETY, a Chapter of the NSS is excited to bring you the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018 in Thessaloniki for the 2nd time!

All curious and enthusiastic problem-solvers, regardless of your backgrounds, are welcome to join the challenge. Participants will form and work in teams to address challenges on Earth and Space, and set out innovative solutions using publicly available NASA data. Tackle a challenge using robotics, data visualization, hardware, design and many other specialties, and inspire each other while you learn and create using stories, code, design and, most of all, YOUR ideas!

The challenge will take place over 24 hours, and we look forward to having you participate! It is absolutely free and open to all participants. Anyone over the age of 18 can register.

Don't forget to bring your laptop for the event!

For live updates of Space Apps Thessaloniki, follow us on our Facebook page and stay on the watch with #spaceappsthessaloniki

See you there,
Space Apps Thessaloniki team

Schedule (All times Europe/Athens)

Friday, October 12th
  1. Data Bootcamp - Arrive at the Venue

  2. Welcome Talks

  3. Space, Earth & Innovation

  4. Keynote Speech

  5. Space Apps Challenges 2018

  6. Networking

Saturday, October 13th
  1. Arrive, breakfast & coffee

  2. Teams Formation & Setting up Workspaces

  3. Team discussions with Mentors

  4. Teams work on challenges

  5. Lunch Time

  6. Team discussions with Mentors

  7. Teams work on Challenges

  8. Dinner

  9. Relax time

Sunday, October 14th
  1. Arrive, breakfast & coffee

  2. Teams work on Challenges

  3. Team discussions with Mentors

  4. Preparation of draft presentations

  5. Lunch Time

  6. Preparation of final presentations & Dry run

  7. Final presentations

  8. Judging & Awards

  9. Closing Party


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.