The Challenge | The Land Where Displaced People Settle

Characterize land cover/land use at informal settlements of displaced populations using NASA satellite datasets.


Helping displaced people rebuild their lives through a global web platform connecting People, NGOs and Private Companies where they can get jobs, tokens and social inclusion.


Our application is a global portal and a mobile collaborator between NASA, UN, NGOs, Governments and Private Companies. Our application consists of collecting refugee data such as: full name, photo, country of origin and current, group of family members, professionals of skills, etc.

For this, we will make a great effort with the NGOs that already carry out the humanitarian aid, bringing to us the responsibility to maintain and develop the platform for registration and promoting activities for this global growing population.

Refugees are encouraged through the application to provide their information and in return receive tokens, which will be generated via Blockchain. These tokens can be exchanged between them, regardless of geographic location, so they can send to family members who are not in the same country or exchanged in products of partner companies, generating a creative economy in the locality, besides this through the application they can find family members in the same situation around the world.

Partner entities will be able to offer their products in exchange for tokens, governments will be able to offer subsidized services, such as: bus or subway passage, access to organic products and incentive to preserve the environment.

The credits received by each partner entity will be converted into a Humanitarian Seal of Social Responsibility recognizing worldwide the companies that support this cause.

In the user area he can consult his tokens, obtain information from family, transfer tokens, look for jobs and products offered by partner entities and provide new information in exchange for new tokens. The partner entities will have access to the data in a consolidated way, being able to search for professionals according to their professional abilities.

In the future, registration may be done via Blockchain and the users' personal information will be preserved and available only to the government or private entities.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.