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Maria Stratigou

What is the problem ?

Right now there are more than 68.5 million people residing in formal or informal refugee camps. Immigration and habitation of since then unexploited areas results in changes in land use/cover and by extension in the environment and local climate. There is not enough research that studies these changes in order to find ways to deal with the problem that has have open source data so that it can be used by anyone.

Land cover is the physical material at the surface of the earth and land use is the way people use the land.

Οur solution

We propose alternative backgrounds in Open street maps, an open source mapping software, to gather huge amounts of data ,concerning land cover/use, through satellite imagery. Through this process an individual that has no knowledge in image processing and geoinformatics can elicit valuable information on the subject.

What is the target audiences?

  • The NGOs will have all the not yet mapped regions (hot spots) finally mapped
  • One can study the differences of the land use/cover by the human activities and transportation and can predict those changes to future immigration and habitation of unexploited areas
  • In the future companies and organizations can use the data that are offered by our proposal to the open street map and through Business Intelligence to apply a strategic for the solution of humanitarian problems


  • Οpen Weather : occupation with weather phenomenon of those regions .But , we are dealing with the use/cover of land and not with the measurement of the air temperature.
Maria Stratigou

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