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Integrate NASA Earth science data and citizen science data to learn more about the connections between human, animal, and environmental health.

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We discussed about our project's current situation and features plan.

Team 71

What is project healer plus? Project Healer plus is a project in which we will make the people aware of environmental pollution, making them aware of endemic places with the associated diseases and what measure they can take if they become affected. What are the features; 1. Real-time visibility of the area in google map 2. People can view pandemic area with the disease in the map 3. What drug or treatment need to be taken during the stay in those areas 4. What environmental changes have been taken places in those areas 5. People can learn modern way through our integrated video and information. Will this be effective for everyone? Yes, it will. By our Android app, people can navigate disease with the associated area. They can learn more about the disease. They can also learn more about the treatment they need. Moreover, they can take first aid before entering those areas. What our goal? Our goal is to aware all the people, about the environmental changes and the disease that are spreading all over the world. We want to achieve more carefulness of the people. If we become the success to educate for about 50-60% of people, we will take a more big project to decrease the morbidity and mortality rate among the country by making aware through our app.


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