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Sustainable food

Marketplace to preorder food from the village, check the possibility to make logistics by local bus drivers and pick up parcel on the end of the road. We want to cover over 60% of foods needs by sustainable and healthy food.

Sustainable food

We used to buy products from the village on farmers trade fairs, but now prices for local buses increased. Most of our friends start buying food from the supermarket (coming miles away and with pesticides). I, Ihor and Andrij cooperated to purchase sustainable food. We talked with bus driver using the road to Ihor's grandparent's village. He helped us a lot by bringing food from Ihors grandparents village. On the last stop he has 10 minutes waiting between way back, so he started asking people about "free" food they are ready to sale. During all year we are using his services.

After local buses price increase friends of us start asking about the possibility to purchase food for them from the village. Unfortunately, one bus driver couldn't cover all amount during the stop in the village, so we decided to come to SpaceApp challenge to find the model how we could cover over 60% of city inhabitance food needs by local farmers.

We find out that in Vinnitsya over 80% of citizens are ready to purchase from farmers by the designed marketplace. I would like to show you SustainableFoodMarket website.

We showed it to hackathon participants, communicate to bus drivers and interview people coming from villages.

Please add your need for local food from the village to our marketplace, chose date, bus station and a possible hour from a bus schedule to make a pickup of eco friendly sustainable food. Hope we will cover over 10% of food needs of Vinitsya citizen by local farmers products during next year. Let care about ecology and stay healthy.


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