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Integrate NASA Earth science data and citizen science data to learn more about the connections between human, animal, and environmental health.


STORM-360 is an application which alert people about rainstorms on daily basis. Gathers data form NASA Satellites, users and some other organisations to help user to be more safe.

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  • Storm
  • Making You Safe

2- What topic does your solution address?

  • Our solution addresses the importance of saving lives and recesses effectively

3- What do people gain ? Where is the opportunity ?

  • Awareness
  • Real time alerts
  • Safety tips
  • A unified platform for different users and organizations to collaborate

4- What problem does it solve ?

  • We believe that we create awareness among people regarding weather changes and it’s effects on the whole environment.

7- How data and technology make your solution possible ?

  • It helps processing data to produce information .

8- What will your idea change ?

  • It will change the environment to a better place by enhancing people’s lives.

9- Tantalize your audience with what it could be.

  • Safety, opportunity, success .

10- What can your solution do for people, the world and beyond ?

  • It will give them hope for a better life by making them feel secure .

This application basically helps you to save your self from disaster situation, application works in the following way-

when the user opens the application

  1. He will see the map on the home screen with his own location(Location will be automatically turned on). He will be shown heat map Which will be live from NASA satellite and will be telling about the places which are suffering disaster.
  2. A user can see in the map where the storms and disasters situation is more likely to happen.(Represented with Heat Map).
  3. whenever a user enters or is found within the range of such places he will get the alert notification that you are in danger zone and also will be getting some tips to get to safe zones and Needs.
  4. Also alert message with his location will be sent to his family member, so that they can know about him/her.
  5. Then user will be shown some near safe zones and will be shown the shortest way to get out of that place and will get some suggestions regarding safety.

Future Plans-
We will be adding some more features to this application like -

  • user can share the pictures in feed
  • Emergency Numbers (Ambulance, Fire fighters, etc)
  • User can get news from different source regarding disasters and storm.
  • Will use ML on past data and integrate AI to help user to be more safer in such situation.

Resources- Data from NASA and other organisation for Now, but application needs the data from NASA Space Satellite to show heat maps and show the navigation to the user as Google Map.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.