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Integrate NASA Earth science data and citizen science data to learn more about the connections between human, animal, and environmental health.

Invisible Lights

The aim of this app is to protect people from damage caused by electromagnetic radiation and educate them about it.


Invisible Lights is an application aims to spread awareness and warn users about the harm caused by electromagnetic radiation and provide method to protect themselves from it.

The application is going to detect and measure the surroundings electromagnetic radiation using sensors.

when there is danger of absorbing high and harming percentage of electromagnetic the app is going to sent sound and message notification to the users and inform them about the surroundings danger and suggest the right action to take in order to lower the percentage of electromagnetic radiation absorbed by human body, for example: "unplug devices connected to the power source"

Invisible Lights also will allow you to connect with your kids devices to inform you about the electromagnetic field around them, and provide a feature to control the for example: turn off the power or the wi-fi signal.

The app is going to provide the user with daily and monthly reports of the amount of electromagnetic that user was exposed to.

It has a feature that allow the user of connecting with doctors by to ask or consult them about the action they should when being exposed to high amount of electromagnetic radiation.

Also users will be educated about electromagnetic radiation by viewing information about it right from nasa!

This app is going to be a source of protection and education for people and it is what the world needs now.


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