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Local Peoples' Choice Winner

The Challenge | Looking GLOBE-ally

Analyze and/or display data to communicate interesting findings or improve public understanding of our home planet.

What's My Impact

What's My Impact consists in a website and a toolset that aims at raising the awareness of the general public about their environmental footprint.


Humans are not perfect. Everybody does some wrong things: we all drain the oil of the canned tuna in the sink, we don't clean the plastic we throw away, we don't check how each package should be disposed of. We're not evil, we're just lazy. We often don't even realize how bad we're hurting the environment.
The problem is we don't notice the good we do either. We see no effect, we have no immediate reward. Why would we invest so much time and effort if we can't see our own impact?
Well, now we can.

What's my impact is a set of tools aimed at enhancing your perception of your environmental footprint.

First of all, it helps you recycle. The app can scan barcodes or recycling symbols to determine what material a certain package is made of, therefore recommend how to dispose of it.
Along with the app, a set of simple domotics gadgets gives you an estimate of your energy consumption and waste production.
For example, our smart trash can, just like the app, can scan and recognize different materials, as well as keep track of your trash production and waste collection calendar.
Through our website, you can easily check data sourced from both our own community and external databases, such as NASA'S educational platform, WWF, National Geographic and the United Nations.
This way, through discrete and enjoyable notifications, you will have an idea of your actual impact on the environment, not just as a mere statistic, but also as an estimate of energy, money and animal lives saved.
You can also compare your stats with your community and try to take the first place in the global leaderboard, saving more whales than any of your friends. Assuming you do have friends.

Our project is simple but full of potential and can be developed easily: yet the impact we are going to make is far from negligible.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.