The Challenge | Looking GLOBE-ally

Analyze and/or display data to communicate interesting findings or improve public understanding of our home planet.


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A website that demonstrates NASA's data in a simple and organized way. The website integrates between the large-scaled data on the remote sensing techniques, and normal observations. We mixed between education, visualization and entertainment.


Scintilla, a spark in Earth reflects on your mind. Our aims are spreading awareness, educating the

public, integrating the large- and small-scale using NASA’s data. We are going to disseminate our ideas in

a creative & interesting way through a website. Our website is divided into the following sections: home,

about us, contact us, categories, visualizations, the gallery, the games, the latest news.

The ‘Home’ displays our moto and our main features, ‘About Us’ section presents our vision and

mission, and the ‘Contact Us’ section is the interaction between us and the users. The ‘Categories

Section’ divided into environmental science, planetary science, hydrology, atmospheric science, and

geomorphology. The ‘Visualizations Section’ connects NASA’s visualizations to our website. The ‘Gallery’

Section enables the users to upload articles and images after our permission and post with the most

likes will be the winner of the week and the post will be displayed at the ‘Home’ attached by the image

and the social media links of the post’s owner. The ‘Games’ Section provides enjoyable scientific games

related to the categories to learn with having fun. The ‘Latest News’ section divided into two sectors,

one to display the updated news taken by NASA related to the categories, and the second one to release

NASA’s activities’ images as well as space ones.



SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.